Congratulations to these nominees that are part of the growing Little Village Foundation family:

Best Emerging Artist Album: Kevin Burt "Heartland And Soul"
Soul Blues Female Artist: Whitney Shay

And to those who lent their support:

Instrumentalist – Guitar: Christoffer “Kid” Andersen
Instrumentalist – Drums: June Core
(Hindi Man Blues -Aki Kumar)
Instrumentalist – Drums: Tony Braunagel
(Sweet Dreams -Ada Pasternak)
Perkins Piano Player (Instrumentalist – Piano):
Jim Pugh
Perkins Piano Player (Instrumentalist – Piano):
*Mike Finnigan (fake news) *I intend to Chicago-ize the ballot box and vote 10x for Mike. -Jim
Instrumentalist – Horn: Nancy Wright
(Everybody Needs Love - Marcel Smith)
Contemporary Blues Male Artist: Rick Estrin
(Everybody Needs Love - Marcel Smith)
Soul Blues Male Artist: Wee Willie Walker (Everybody Needs Love - Marcel Smith)
And to those artists that let us record with them:
Traditional Blues Album, Traditional Male Artist & Album of the Year:
The High Cost Of Low Living, Nick Moss Band Featuring Dennis Gruenling
Album of The Year:
Rough Cut, Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager
Soul Blues Recording of The Year:
The Reckoning, Billy Price