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Founded in 2015, Little Village is an arts non-profit that uses music as a tool to increase cross cultural understanding. Our day to day programming consists of recording and producing underground artists whose music has not yet been discovered outside their community. Through sharing multicultural music with American roots, we work to deepen understanding and promote empathy.


Little Village artists hail from various communities and cultures but all share a common goal of exposing their music to audiences who they would not have otherwise reached. Rooted in cultural stories and traditions, their music challenges the idea of what it means to have American roots. Little Village seeks out these previously undiscovered artistic gems, and provides them with the tools to launch a successful album, at no cost to the artist. All proceeds from sales of the albums are given back to the artists as a way to promote artist agency and ownership of their work. Recording an artist helps them connect to their community, while providing Little Village with an opportunity to share their music with the world and win the artist acclaim. For more information on our artists, discover our recent releases.