Our Mission

Little Village is a 501c3 nonprofit record company that seeks to shine the light of awareness on musicians who might not otherwise be heard and in doing so further the belief that a life filled with diverse music builds empathy making for stronger communities and a better world.

Our Story

Jim Pugh’s work with legendary blues artists and top selling rock musicians has earned him multiple Grammy Awards, platinum, and gold records. After 40 years in the music industry, the idea for Little Village came to Pugh after taking a step back and pondering what meant most to him.

Little Village combines everything I love – music, diversity, and helping people.

Slowly, the idea for a nonprofit record label that encompassed those values was pieced together, and Little Village began operations in 2014. With some help, Pugh searches out, discovers, records, and produces music that otherwise would not be heard beyond the artist’s family and community. It’s our intention to support the dreams of artists from nontraditional backgrounds, who are working in genres with deep roots in American culture. We pride ourselves on our diverse artist roster and variety of music genres represented by the label including mariachi, folk, blues, gospel, rock, spoken word, roots, soul, and more. All proceeds from CD sales return to the artists, who also own all their intellectual property, unlike a traditional record label. Production costs, musicians, studio time, promotion, and manufacturing are completely covered by Little Village. Our work is made possible with donations from people like you.