Check out this insightful interview with LVF founder Jim Pugh at Sound and Soul:

“Little Village has never actually sold one CD because we don’t own any of the CDs. I give them– and downloads in any format– it’s all owned by the artists. It’s not by the record label. I don’t pay them. They get it first. I’ve never seen a check for a sale of a CD. It makes sense. In a way, I try to find likeminded people who are in a position to, rather than giving to the symphony or the opera, they’d like to give it to Mike Duke or the Sons of the Soul Revivers and help them. A relatively small amount of money goes a long way in improving the quality. I’m not out to make rockstars. I don’t know how to do that. I never have known how to do that. But helping people a little bit? This does that. So it’s not quite that insane (laughs)! It really isn’t!”