Youth Mariachi From Delano, Ca.


“The youthful Mariachi Mestizo, mentored by the seasoned mariachi master Juan Morales, dips deep into the well of tradition to make mariachi music their own. A special bonus is the recording technique used, an inviting story unto itself.”
Daniel Sheehy, Ph.D., Director and Curator, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
“In an era of commercially driven and “over produced” music, it’s refreshing that Jim Pugh’s production of Mariachi Mestizo is all about “feel.” The other wonderful aspect is that what you hear on the CD is exactly what you’ll hear when you see them live. All of the members of the group get a turn to sing, and ultimately it’s just beautiful that these young musicians get a chance to be immortalized by this production. Bravo to Jim Pugh, the Little Village Foundation, and Mariachi Mestizo! Keep on keepin’ on! “
-Arturo Gastelum – founder of The Mariachi Channel


En las noches de sábado, todo lo que necesitamos es ponernos nuestro traje de charro para sentir cuan arraigados están en nuestras venas los guacos de mi padre y las tonadas de mi abuela. El guitarrón y el arpa, la vihuela y la guitarra, los violines y las trompetas son un lienzo en el que se plasman los sentires de mi gente, los dolores de mi patria.

On Saturday nights, whether it’d be playing one of Amalia’s rancheras or a son jalisciense, the heartbeat of the guitarrón and the melody of the violins bring us together, creating between us a bond stronger than any other.

On Saturday nights we are reminded of the rhythm in our bones and of the colors that paint our souls. Time and time again, we turn off “The Walking Dead,” and we go back to wearing our trajes with the same pride with which a soldadera would wear her cananas. Our head is high and a smile is in our faces. Our trajes nurse our identity. We crave our identity. We thrive in our trajes.

En las noches de sábado, cuando empiezan a sonar los mánicos de “El Gavilancillo,” we feel a tingle in our blood as though from afar our ancestors were whispering cultura into our souls. Every Saturday night tenemos algo en nuestro corazón que nadie puede quitarnos: un amor indeleble por los sonidos de nuestra tierra.

-Xóchitl Morales