D.K. Harrell – The Right Man

D.K. Harrell has an outsized and penetrating presence.  It is immediately evident when he hits the bandstand. His voice is custom-built for the blues, and his fingers work the guitar like someone who has spent decades honing his skills. The fluid nature of his talent conveys a swagger of worldliness that a 25-year-old from a small town in northern Louisiana just has no business possessing. 

          There is a familiarity that seems ingrained. This isn’t someone who picked up a guitar because he wanted to be a blues star, but someone who had no other choice than to tap into his soul and to expose his feelings through the music.. 

          By his own admission, D.K. says he was and still is a loner. “I’m Black, I’m young and the music I like is blues,” he says. “How much do you think I have in common with people my age?”

           His fascination with the blues began before just as he was becoming a teen. He’d been exposed to the music, but after exploring the internet for any blues videos he could find, he zeroed in on his mission.  That’s what it was …. a mission. He’d devoured any and all blues videos he found, later practicing the guitar licks he had seen. There was nothing else in his world. This was his mission and he wasn’t going to be denied.

          This is his first CD and on iit shows his extraordinary comfort with the music, the recording studio and his own desire to sing songs he has written.  Songs that tell stories, his stories. Songs that just don’t fade into the night, but attach to your ribs and follow you 24/7.  In live performance, casual audience members transform into true believers. Such is the power and seduction of his music.

          These are his blues, and he’s going to play it and sing it from his soul. Make no mistake about it, he is a committed bluesman to the core. It’s the only thing he knows, and the only thing he wants to know. This is his triumph.. And, that can only mean one thing: Mission accomplished.