The East San Jose rundown of Chris Cain’s youth was a full cross polination of influence. Cliff Coulter and Robin Ford. Los Tigres del Norte and Smith Dobson. Tons of bars and clubs. Arturo’s Tropical Village, The Starlight Ballroom. Twenty Grand. Hell, The Saddle Rack! On and on.

Everybody played everything, everywhere, all the time.

Chris Cain didn’t come out of this scene- he was born into it. A father who took him everywhere to see everybody. BB-JT-Stevie- Ray and Count Basie back when the rest of us were still playing with army men. Hell he was still playing with army men.

So he plays guitar and sings like a bird. But he also plays piano (like Ray) and alto sax (like Ray)

And here he does it all. His feel cannot be surpassed.

This is known.

Chris Cain