Slow-burning blues and soul sensation with a voice rich in experience


Nominated for 3 Blues Foundation Awards
Featured on Dan Akroyd’s Elwood’s Bluesmobile Radio Show
No Depression Review
Blues Music Magazine Editors Top 10 Pick for 2015
Living Blues Magazine Feature


In one of the most amazing and powerful music stories of the past year, under-recognized classic blues/soul singer Wee Willie Walker of Minneapolis, Minnesota, released If Nothing Ever Changes on Little Village Foundation. The Memphis native had a few obscure hit singles in the 1960s for Goldwax and Chess Records before meeting singer/harmonica player Rick Estrin, who realized that Walker’s was the powerful voice he remembered hearing on some old records in his collection. Estrin recruited all-star guitarist Kid Andersen to record a new album. One of the session players was keyboard player Jim Pugh, a major blues and roots veteran. Inspired by the music, Jim created the Little Village Foundation to record and release Walker’s record and other great unsung artists. As Jim shares, “The music business is full of injustice and stories of great talents who did not make it to the top. When I met Willie, I realized he might just be one of the best examples I’d ever seen of such a story.” If Nothing Ever Changes brings Willie Walker to the forefront at last with the support of some marquee names of West Coast blues and soul serving as his backing band. Walker shares his thoughts on the special recording session, “It was a houseful of love. I didn’t know them, but they all knew me and immediately we were like family.”