Sporting events, concerts, schools closings, businesses big and small requiring stay at home telecommuting, all are directly affecting our lives. This has had a major impact on Little Village and more specifically it’s artists.

For the past week or so there’s been a steady stream of emails coming in canceling concerts and festivals. For a lot of musicians this time of year begins their earning season but now for many of them March and April have been wiped clean because of the virus.

This is a great time to show your support for them by going online and buying their music.

Simply go to and select an artist under the “The Music” tab. Their page has Buy Now buttons that will direct you to the retail platform of your choice.

LVF releases have proven to be a good income stream for its artists and with their loss of gigs this will be even more so now.

Remember LVF has never sold a cd. 100% of the proceeds of sales – cds- streaming- mp3s- all go directly to the artist.

We’re going to make it!


-Jim Pugh