Writing a sentence is hard work.
One with a clean line and a nice shape.

Good luck with that.

So too is writing a melody that’s musical and appears original.
Combining both into a song involves talent. Real talent.

Like jumping from the foul line to dunk a basketball or playing The Goldberg Variations from memory.

It’s not a parlor trick.

Harry Reasoner once interviewed Paul McCartney on 60 Minutes at one point asking,
“You’ve written so many great songs, how do you do it?”
“It’s really very simple, you take a pencil and paper and a guitar and you go into a room. Half an hour later you come out with a song.”

It’s not that Maurice Tani is Paul McCartney or that he can play the Goldberg Variations from memory but he is closer to dunking a basketball from the foul line than most of us.

And that’s not a parlor trick.