Just about everyone has been affected by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the music world, no one knows when the box office will open again, and even as many of us return to work in the coming weeks and months, working musicians will continue to be cut off from the clubs, dancehalls, theaters, and festivals that sustain them. And the rest of us will be cut off, too, from something we need now more than ever. So we’re bringing the gigs to the artists, and the artists to you — straight from their living room to yours.

Working from Home,” a co-production of the Arhoolie Foundation and Little Village Foundation, will feature intimate mini house concerts recorded live by traditional musicians around the country trying to make it through this current public health crisis doing what they do best. For every installment, we will provide links where you can give tips directly to the performers, and we will match the first $500 raised for each. 

EPISODE THREE: The Sons of The Soul Revivers

This week’s Episode 3 “Working From Home” features a fan favorite: The Sons of The Soul Revivers. Walter, James and Dwayne Morgan grew up singing together in San Francisco. Living now in Vallejo, Ca. Their passion for quartet music continues with a technique and passion unrivaled.


This week we present C.J. Chenier, coming to you straight from his backyard with a short set of zydeco and blues. Behind him are some personal mementos and a photo of his famous father: the late Clifton Chenier, undisputed King of Zydeco. The accordion C.J is playing belonged to his dad, who called it Black Gal. Clifton gave it to C.J. It doesn’t leave the house often, if ever, so it’s a rare treat to see it in good shape after all these years and coming to life again in C.J.’s able hands.

EPISODE ONE: Xóchitl and Anaí Morales of Mariachi Mesitzo

First in the series will feature sisters Xóchitl and Anaí Morales of Mariachi Mesitzo singing and playing from their family’s home in Delano, CA, accompanied by their father Juan.

Episode Four: The Longoria Family

Coming soon!